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First Time Kava and Co Patrons

Kava and Company requires you be 21 and up for kava, kratom, Kanna and Delta 8 products. 

Must be 21 and up past 9pm Daily unless personally asked to owner / manager. 

If you are not 21, you still may enjoy the space and coffee / tea beverages but it must be before 9pm.



Kava and Company prides itself on a healthy community and work environment. Please continue reading for the best first time experience.

Parking- Kava and Co San Marco Parking is FREE located under the bridge / overpass. Free parking for San Marco is also (the bank SunTrust after 4pm, Dental office after 4pm) The parking lot across the street is undetermined if it's pay-to-park. Parking at Mandarin location is completely free. 

Eating: First time users should have a small snack and not ingest the drinks on an empty stomach, both locations do serve snacks and San Marco has a full food menu. 

Drama Free Zone: Kava and Co tolerates zero drama, Leave it at home or you will be asked to stop or leave. 

NO ALCOHOL! - Any person that brings alcohol inside will be given one warning and then asked to leave if a second occurrence happens. 

Kids- We Love Kids! but there is nobody under 18 allowed inside after 9pm unless special request has been made. Please be aware that legal hemp is sold and smoked at each location and your child may be introduced to scents and language that might not be acceptable for some parents. 

Pets- We Love Pets! But all animals must be outside and on a leash. Water bowls are provided. No animals on the couch or indoors. 

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